International Conference and Meeting on Management and Information Technology

Group Registration

Group Registration Instructions

We offer special group registration discounts for organizations and academic institutions interested in sending multiple participants to the ICMMIT Conference. To take advantage of the group registration discount, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Designate a Group Coordinator: Assign one individual from your organization or institution as the Group Coordinator who will manage the registration process on behalf of the group.
  2. Collect Participant Information: The Group Coordinator should collect the full names, contact details, and conference preferences (e.g., conference papers, meetings, workshops) for each participant in the group.
  3. Submit Group Registration Form: The Group Coordinator should complete the Group Registration Form available on our website and provide the necessary details for each participant in the group.
  4. Receive Group Discount Code: Once we receive the Group Registration Form, our team will review the information and issue a unique group discount code.
  5. Use Group Discount Code: Each participant from your group can use the provided group discount code during their individual registration process to avail the group registration discount.
  6. Complete Individual Registrations: Each participant should complete their individual registration using the group discount code, selecting their preferred conference papers, meetings, and workshops.
  7. Payment and Confirmation: Participants should make the required payment using the provided group discount code. After successful payment, each participant will receive a confirmation email with their registration details.

For any inquiries or assistance with the group registration process, please contact our team at email.